Welcome to Mr. Konett's Modern America 2011 Wiki. This is Unit will take us through to contemporary America. From the crisis in Detroit in 1967, to the election of our current President, Barack Obama, you will be collaborating with your classmates to create an encyclopedic history of America since the social movements of the 1960s and 1970s.

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For specific rubrics and criteria, click here for the Wiki Page Rubrics and Examples
You will collaborate with other students to create a wiki page on a topic which will be assigned to you. You are required to complete the following:

Find at least (3) sources and complete notes for each (15pts)

  • One source MUST be an actual BOOK!
  • You may use the Internet (check recommended sites first)
  • Wikipedia DOES NOT count as a source. You can use it to explore information, but I want evaluation of (3) sources that are NOT Wikipedia

WIKI Entry Requirements:

Overview (20pts)
Using information gathered from your sources, summarize the main issues of your topic. You should be using hyperlinks AND MLA Style internal citations throughout the Overview, the Annotation and Notes, and the Reflection and Conclusions.

Cite your sources using internal citations and add bibliographic information to the Works Cited section of your wiki. Be sure that you use proper formatting.

Annotation and Notes for (3) Required Sources (15 pts)

An annotation is a short evaluation of the quality, thoroughness, and validity, and value of a source. Ask and answer the following questions:

List your sources in alphabetical order. Under each Source listing, tell me (3) things about each source
  • Summarize: What information is available from this source? (summarize)
  • Assess: How good is the information?
  • Reflect: what questions do you still have the the source cannot answer?

You should be using hyperlinks AND MLA Style internal citations throughout the Annotation and Notes.

Reflections and Conclusions (20 pts)

What do you think? What did you think about? How do you feel about the issue? What questions did you have that have been answered? What questions do you still have and what new questions do you now have? This is the section where you get to express your opinion based on the information you've gathered.

Again, be sure you are using hyperlinks to connect key terms on our wiki and using MLA style internal citations where necessary.

Multimedia Section (10 pts)

Add pictures, upload video, and comment on them.

Works Cited (10pts)

MLA Style and Formatted list of sources cited throughout your entry. Be sure to have the sources in alphabetical order. For a sample Works Cited Page, click here.