by Jayden Wilson


• The rapids spread of information technology and the opening of trade barriers between nations has created unintended and unknown ramifications in the economies of many of the worlds’ countries. NAFTA, in particular, has been a contentious issue in America, as industrial jobs are moved to Mexico or overseas, and Americans feel the shift of the economy toward a more global reality.

Globalization can be a good thing but also a bad ting. It can give people jobs and make people lose there jobs so depending on how you look at it, it can help people in life but at the same time other peoples lives could be ruined because of Globalization.

Lucas Silvasi
  • Globalization cannot be controlled by any one man, it results from many different parties being both political and economic, also the technological advances created are unpredictable. The world does not have any guidelines that everyone goes by for regulating transnational behavior.

Lucas Silvasi
  • Globalization benefits the devoloped countries more than the devoloping ones. Globalization was ment to help economic state in countries, however it has shown little to no change in devoloped or developing countries.
Stiglitz, Joseph. W.W. Norton & Company Inc. . 2006. print.

Lucas Silvasi
  • By most, globalization is made out to be a bad thing, however it continues to be a good thing for many of the poor. For example It has raised china and indias economic state to the point where over 200 million are out of poverty, and ever since globalization has started in 1990 it has made huge improvement bringing tens of millions to middle class.

Source Annotation (source three)
Summary: The source is definetly fact based. It definetly gives supprtive information. It talks mainly about controdicting other facts that dont support globalization.
Assess: The information here is great. I believe that this is one of the best source, it supports globaliztion with facts while comparing to unsupportive facts making the facts right. for example instead of just saying peanut butter is better than paint, it backs it up with, peanut butter is better than paint, becuase paint is toxic. wierd example, but the best i could think of.
Reflect: very good source if you want to know about globalizaton.

Stiglitz, Joseph. W.W. Norton & Company Inc. . 2006. Print. (source two)
Summary: The source is more fact based. It mainly fouses on the bad reasons of globaliztion, and how it hurts other countries, pointing out its flaws, and takes a distinct side.
Assess: The information from the book is good, but again in only support one side of the arguement over globalization. Meaning not the best if you want information suppoting globalization.
Reflect: Its good, but only supports one side. (source one)
Summary: I would consider this source to be more fact based. With common questions people have about globalization, it can answer a few of them.
Assess: The information from the site is good, but also questionable. I believe that facts are true, however the website was created by college students
Reflect: It does not contain all the answers, but still holds valuable information for the topic. one)
Summary: I recommend using this website that I have provided because it gives a very good definition of what Globalization is and how it works, so if you want to learn more about this topic or want to have a better understanding about what Globalization is then click the link above.
Assess: The information provided by the site is very helpful it helps you understand more clearly what it is and how it affects everyone in the world.
Reflect: Helps you gain knowledge or understanding of this topic two)
Summary: This site gives lots of Pros and Cons about Globalization and the different view points of people who are Pro globalization( they want Globalization to stay ) and those who are Con Globalization( the people that think Globalization should stop because it isn't a good idea in their opinion ).
Assess: The information on this site states reasons why people are either pro or Con towards Globalization and has good facts on why someone would pick their side for this topic.
Reflect:Helps you with if you would want Globalization to keep going or if you would want to tr to stop it for good. three)
Summary: It explains how Globalization effects us in Michigan and how it could be a good thing for our state and not make our economy any worse then it already is today.
Assess: The information and facts provided by this website is good to help explain how it would effect us.
Reflect:Its a good site that tells how Globalization could help Michigan gain jobs

Reflections and Conclusions

does the natural enviroment have anything to do with globolization?
Is one of the goals to globalization, to have every country at the same economic state?


Picture of how everyone in the world is involved in Globalization
Picture of how everyone in the world is involved in Globalization

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The link to the video above gives some view on how globalization is changing our world.

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