by Robert "The Money" Pap and Brandon " The King" Bednarz


Terrorism is a very complicated subject and has a wide range of definitions. A generic definition would sound something like; Terrorism is violent acts intended to create fear and are perpetrated for a religious, political or ideological goal, deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants, and are committed by a non-government agency. Most people today think of the middle east when the subject of terrorism comes up, and while the middle east is a very terrorist active region the fact is that terrorism has been practiced by a broad array of groups and political party's.

• USS Cole: October 12, 2000 a small boat loaded with explosives was
• detonated next to the ship while refueling in Yemen; 17 sailors killed;
• attributed to Osama bin Laden
• 1993 World Trade Center attack: a bomb in a truck in the underground
• parking area exploded, killing 6 and injuring 1,000
• Embassy bombings in Tanzania and Kenya: August 7, 1998; over 200 dead,
• including 12 Americans; attributed to bin Laden
  • June 14 2002: Bomb explodes in American Consulate in Karachi, Pakistan killing 12 linked to Al-Queda
  • Suicide bombers kill 34, including 8 Americans at housing compound for westerners in Saudi Arabia
  • In Yemen suicide bombers hiit 3 american hotels, Radisson, Grand Hayatt and Days inn killing 57 Al-Queda claiming responsibillity.
  • U.S. Embassy in Greece is fired upon with anti-tank missile no fatalities but massive damage to structure.
  • In New York a car bomb is discovered in the middle of Times Square, bomb was unable to detonate and was succesfully defused.
  • In Washington a pipe bomb is discovered along the route of the Martin Luther King memorial march, the bomb set up to spray shrapnel was sucessfully defused causing no casualties.
  • In Oklahoma a car bomb is detonated outside of a federal office building the walls and floor collapses killing 168, 1 child and 1 more who rescuers were trying to save them. Over 220 buildings sustained damage.

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Summary: This site gives you the information on all known terrorist attacks from 1920 on including a detailed description of the attack that took place along with the death count and who took responsobillity for the attack.

Assess: The information is very good it has extraneous links that you can click on to get more information if you need it the site is very easy to use and allows easy tools to find where you want to go and get what you need. And the information provided on the site is very good.

Reflect:You could use this source if you want extra information on any of the things you are doing maybe writing a paper this would be a perfect source for that since it allows easy access to whatever you may need.

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Assess: This information is very thorough in what it talks about which would be keeping America safe and it is filled with details so this is a very good site.

Reflect:You would use this source for looking for information on the Department of Homelan Security and its fellow agencies to get a better understanding on the steps we are taking to defend our country.

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Summary: This book provides facts on terrorism and the different types of it and the attacks in the past. This book provides a lot of details on the attacks the terrorist communities and what America is doing to counter the terrorist uprising it uses interviews and past events to give you an idea of what were up against.

Assess: The information is very thorough it covers all the points a book like this should cover it doesn't really miss anything at all so the facts in this book are great.

Reflect: This source would be good for learning more about how terrorism is everywhere now adays and you cant avoid it so if you want to know more it is a great book to read if you are a beginner to the field since it is easy to comprehend and gives you the information you need.

Reflections and Conclusions

Terrorism is clearly becoming more and more prevelant in the modern world which means that present and future governments around the globe will have to work together and adapt to combat the ever changing tactics of terrorists. It is my belief that gone are the days of large scale wars between nations, though there may be conflicts they will be few and far between and warefare in the 21st centuery will be fought against small groups of insurgents using guirilla tactics and striking abroad with acts of terrorism similar to what we saw on 9/11.

Terrorism is a growing factor in the world the age of large scale conflicts are over you will continue to have wars and skirmishes with a variety of countries but i think the more relavent threat in the 21st century would be terrorism. Allowing small groups to infiltrate into our infrastructure causing severe damage on morrale and the state of America and it is not only in America as you can see on the overview page these attacks happen everywhere. So I think that our government should focus more on combating terrorism then on escalating our arms building and technology in war and should instead start thinking of ways to protect our nation from terrorist attacks and a way to eventually stop terrorism although that seems like a very daunting task and may never happen it is a good goal for our country to work to and maybe one day eventually succeed.


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